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To Order Kratom and Botanicals call us at (833) AUSTIN-1 or email us at


Welcome to Austin Leaf Kratom, a division of Austin Organic Village.  Our other website, Austin Organic Village is now reserved for items that are fully GMP certified.  Everything on the AOV site is now coming from AOV Logistics, our GMP facility.  We are now fully American Kratom Association(AKA) GMP compliant on AOV site.  


So, this website is going to be dedicated to anything NOT GMP on the AOV site, health food stores, smoke shops, and bulk.  To order, simply email us at or call us at 833 AUSTIN 1.  You can also message us on the chat feature on the AOV site from 8am to 8pm central or our Facebook page, Austin Organics


WE ship Austin Leaf items ONLY Tuesday and Thursday.  If you do not see something here that you want, please message us on the chat feature on the AOV website(link above) and we can probably get it for you.


Here is a list of items available through Austin Leaf Kratom


Strains: Green, Red, White -MD Jong Kong, Super, Thai


Gold MD Jong Kong, Yellow Vietnam Blend, Sulawesi Blend, Bali Full Spectrum Blend


Ruby Red or Green Emerald 60X kratom crystal extract-1 ounce $65 or half ounce $35


Capsules Quarter Kilos Red Bali, White or Red MD, $55 (approx. 300-350 capsules) Green MD is on AOV site


Liquid Extract 60X 15 ML $10


Boost Blend (22 grams powder, 6 grams crystal extract) $15


*We can do single ounces of powder and capsules as well, $10


Other Botanicals


Akuamma 1 ounce $10


Moringa 1 ounce $10


(other botanicals may be available upon request if in stock)


Bulk: Premium Powder


5 Kilos, any strain $400 shipped


3 kilos, any strain $300 shipped

All large bulk kratom will be shipped from AOV Logistics GMP facility in Florida.  Please email us if you wish to order and we will get back to you within the day.  This price does not include shipping.

Large bulk:

10-20 kg @ $60/kg

21-50 kg @ $55/kg

51-99kg @ $50/kg

100-150 kg @ $45/kg

151-199kg @ $40/ kg

200 -299kg @ $35/kg

300- 499kg @ $30/kg

500 kg plus please email us at

Message call or email for larger amounts.  We offer discounts and coupons for Veterans, First Responders, and police.


Austin Leaf Kratom accepts Paypal, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Google Pay, or we can send an invoice to your email in which you can pay via CC or Debit. Please let us know which you prefer in your email when you order with your corresponding email, Venmo, phone number or Cashtag so that we can send a payment request. If you choose invoice, we will send the invoice to the same email address you sent the order in from. Please list address on your initial email for new customers as well.


I was given the option to take pain pills or live with the pain for the rest of my life.  I have neuropathy, a painful condition dealing with the nerves due to a surgery I had. I knew there had to be a better solution for myself and my two young daughters, so I started doing research on natural alternatives to medicine.  It was then I came upon articles about CBD oils and Kratom

I purchased some from a seedy smoke shop because that was the only place I could find it.  I couldn’t believe it, it worked!  I took some Kratom and my pain had simply gone away!  AMAZING! I continued to buy from smoke shops for a while but that was embarrassing and expensive.  After a ton of research, I decided that I would have to create a store to help others avoid the hassle and bring lower prices with better quality. A brand entirely dedicated to people. 

So now, packaged downtown in beautiful Austin TX, We bring you the highest quality and the best-priced Kratom, CBD oils, and other botanical treasures–all 100% natural, great quality AND affordable so that you can see what these miraculous plants have to offer you, and more importantly, your family.

Austin Leaf Kratom 


Austin TX